Dr. Clover’s Response

The Immigration Reform and Control Act applies to my current job. My company is not allowed to hire what is known as illegal aliens knowingly.

We have a partnership with Equifax and a E-verify system that helps us process I-9 documents. The employee is required to submit a supporting document such as, a passport, a temporary Visa to work in the United States, drivers license, and a birth certificate to prove their nationality.

The consequences to an employer for hiring an unauthorized alien or employee is a heathy fine and risk of being shut down, no longer able to do business. This law is important because it keeps US Citizens in the realm of being rightfully employed, it keeps down crime and unethical or unauthorized payments.

I don’t think the economy has a shortage of skilled workers. I believe that employers may not be skilled on how to skillfully hire someone. There is a reason why employees at the top are thin, but steadily growing, while employees at the bottom of the economic chain system are in mass. However, employers are understanding that it is best to bring employees to the top and spread them out versus rising a few employees higher-up in the chain.

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