Disease Outbreak

For this Case Assignment, you will discuss the importance of epidemiology to public health. Research one current example of a disease outbreak caused by a virus and how knowledge of its epidemiology can help health care professionals protect people from disease. (Hint: The CDC and WHO websites are excellent sources of information for this topic). You will present your chosen disease outbreak as an essay by addressing the topics below:

Name and describe the virus responsible for the outbreak. Briefly introduce your readers to the history of the disease outbreak. Provide an image of the virus and paste it within your Word document.

Where has the outbreak been found globally? Where has it been found in the United States? Describe the specific locations.

How is the virus transmitted to humans?

What are the symptoms of the disease? What does the clinical presentation look like in affected patients? What are the complications?

How is it diagnosed? What tests are used?

How is the disease treated? What preventive measures are being used locally or globally to control future outbreaks? What is the CDC doing to control the outbreak?

Include any additional interesting facts or figures about the disease outbreak or virus.

Assignment Expectations

Organize this essay assignment using subtitles that summarize the topic from each question above. For example, use descriptive subtitles such as Locations of Outbreak, Routes of Transmission, etc.

Your essay should be approximately 2–3 pages. Answer each question under the subtitle using complete sentences that relate back to the question. Be sure to use APA formatting throughout your essay, and use 1-inch margins, 12-point type and double spacing. Include a title page, an introduction, answers to the questions with subtitles, and a concluding paragraph. Remember to include in-text citations within the body of the essay referencing your resources (e.g., Murray, 2014). Also, be sure to include a reference section at the end of your assignment listing all required readings and any additional resources you used to complete your essay. A helpful guide to writing a quality essay can be found in Writing Tips. The Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper also provides links to example essays written within APA format.

Direct quotes should be limited and must be designated by quotation marks. Paraphrased ideas must give credit to the original author, for example: (Murray, 2014). Direct copying from “homework help” websites will not receive credit. Once you have completed your assignment within a Word document, please upload your final version to the Case 2 Dropbox. Please also note your Turnitin originality score and make revisions as needed. Please contact your instructor with any questions.

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