Long Graded Assignment 3


It is essential that you listen to the tutorial posted below on Criminal Justice Research to complete this assignment, as this assignment involves developing a literature review and finding resources for a research project. You will learn how to access this information from the tutorial and the handout posted below. The assignment is due Friday, March 17.

General Instructions

  1. Assignment must be word-processed and spellchecked.
  2. Answer questions with full sentences.
  3. Please double space
  4. Your articles must come from scholarly journals.


  1. Pick a problem in criminal justice or criminology that you would be interested in researching. This could be anything but let me throw some examples out there (death penalty as a crime deterrent, guns and crime, “Three Strikes and You’re Out” laws”, correlates of hate crime, waivers for juvenile offenders to adult courts).
  2. Complete a literature review of past research completed on your topic. Your literature review should include at least 5 articles and be about 3 pages.  Provide a one FULL paragraph summary of each article including A. What hypotheses were tested B. What were the results of the research, and why are they important?
  3. Include citations for your sources at the end of your literature review in APA format.

-Treat this like a writing assignment. (proofread, spell check, double space, etc.)

-Have a look at criminal justice journals like Justice Quarterly and Criminology to see examples of literature reviews.

-Your sources must be from scholarly journals either in print our on line.

-Do NOT submit copies of the articles with your homework

  1. Based on you what you have learned in your literature review,  Develop a theory to explain your problem (e.g., the death penalty deters crime because fear of punishment deters crime, People who commit hate crimes are from lower economic classes and commit their crimes because of their economic frustration
  2. Develop a specific research question from your theory.
  3. Turn your research question into a testable hypothesis, and identify the independent and dependent variables.

To Review, the components of the assignment are 

  1. 5 one paragraph summaries of articles in SCHOLARLY JOURNALS (see on-line tutorial to learn about scholarly journals
    2. APA citations for the articles (again, see tutorial
    3. Your own theory about your topic
    4. Your own research question on your topic
    5. Your own hypothesis on the topic identifying independent and dependent variable


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