Designing a Guidebook

ASSIGNMENT 3 – Design History and Theory Guidebook

Word count: 3,000 Grade weighting: 50% Due date: Week 13

– You are to write 1-2 pages on each weeks topic (this includes visuals).
– You may use dot points but this must be in full sentences.
– Reference any material taken from other sources (including referencing visual material that is not your own).
– Include your own critical analysis.

In your guidebook you will be covering in alignment with the weekly lectures the following topics:
1) Introduction – An overview statement and include a Contents page.
2) Materials
3) Art & Crafts; Designer Maker Practice
4) Design Institutions
5) Design Methods and Innovations
6) Design Management
7) Own topic
8) Design and Consumerism
9) Sustainability
10) Design Futures
11) Social Machines for Living
12) Personalising Design
• It is up to you how you wish to focus these broad topics but remember it is about DESIGN.

• In your guidebook you will be comparing/contrasting and finding precedence for your chosen contemporary design examples.

• You are required to demonstrate an understanding as well as connections between contemporary practice and historical, cultural and social contexts.

• It is recommended that you use mind maps and diagrams to visually explain connections.

• Presentation will be counted so be creative in the presentation of your guidebook.

• You may wish to have an overall narrative story.

• You may choose to focus your guidebook to a particular cultural, social or economic target audience.

• Use sub-headings effectively to structure your information into a logical format.

• You can include your own drawings and photographs if you wish.

Some advice: work on this weekly rather than leave it to the last week before it is due.
Your tutor will be available to provide extra guidance for your assignments throughout the Semester.

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