Demand Management Scenario

Your Learning Team represents a newly formed logistics department at a plastic manufacturing company. The company is currently underperforming with on-time deliveries. The Hangzhou, China location is consistently under 93%. The company goal is to be at or above 96% on-time deliveries. It has been discovered China is not forecasting and the demand is driving the service levels down. The company president has challenged the Logistics Team to improve the on-time deliveries from 93% on average to 96% on average at the Hangzhou, China location.

Prepare a 700-word paper explaining how using demand forecasting methods can improve on-time deliveries and which to consider for the Hangzhou, China demand plan. Include the following:

Compare and contrast the benefits of each forecast method and then make a final recommendation for the best technique to implement in Hangzhou, China.
Analyze the impact on the organization of forecasting and inventory strategies from both a manufacturing and service perspective.
Identify and describe how the chosen forecasting method will improve the purchasing of resin and meet the goal of 96% on-time deliveries.

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