Decision Making Models

First, revise your Week 4 Key Assignment based on your instructor’s feedback and peer responses.

In Week 4, you developed a policy regarding the three strikes laws in the State of California. Now, the state has decided to try to revamp other systems within the government to accommodate more diverse populations. The three strikes laws are now causing a problem for the correctional institutions in the United States. Now, there is an older inmate population because of the aging of the population.

Locate and analyze the current problems pertaining to the three strikes laws and incarceration.

For this assignment, you will develop a policy change to address prisoners who have been sentenced under these three strike laws and have reached the age of 60.

In your policy, address the following:

Describe your proposed policy in detail, and provide the specific language you would propose to be part of any statute or regulation that results from your proposed policy.

What information could you provide to the community and the state legislature to implement such a policy change?

What would be the advantages of this policy? Explain and provide support for your arguments.

What would be the disadvantages? Explain and provide support for your arguments.

You should use the same format that you used for your Week 4 Key Assignment Draft policy.

Address the following in 1 pages:

What effect would your corrections policy have on the state budget and state taxes? Explain.

How have you ensured that your second policy effectively utilized the feedback you received for your three strikes policy from Week 4? Be specific and explain in detail.

Remember to support your policy with scholarly and academic resources.

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.



Title: Decision Making Models.

Student’s Name:

Institution Affiliation:

Part I

There is every reason of Joe considering the relationship that is between him and Bill before he makes the decision of whether he will go out with his family to join him on the yacht given that the weather has stabilized or he will not accompany him as he had requested (ADAIR, 2016). In my understanding, I consider that invitation that Bill offered to Joe to accompany him to the Yacht with his wife to be unethical. Joe has to remember that on the very day that he was invited by Bill to join him on the Yacht, he had an appointment with his company. It is therefore important he analyzes the impacts that will be there if he fails the meeting and how he will be viewed by different stakeholders of the company. As per the rational choice model, I think should not honor the invitation because the invitation is outside their professional relationship and the company is more than an individual. I agree that applying rational choice model is important in the case of Joe because of consequences that could come with the actions of him honoring Bill’s invitation and failing the Peninsula Hotel and UWEAR.

This situation of Joe has four stakeholders. This stakeholders are: Peninsula Hotel, Joe, Bill and UWEAR. The relationship between Joe and Bill is professional and personal as far as this case is concerned (KOURDI, 2011). There is therefore every reason of Joe being wise in making his decision basing on the rational choice model because of the uncertain outcomes of their interactions. It is by common sense that if Joe dishonor the invitation, he will automatically upset Bill. If then Bill is upset, he will no longer value the relationship between him and Joe. If the relationship of friendship between the two is affected, their professionally bond will too be affected. Joe is the one to lose because distorted relationship between him and Bill may result into the following two things: firstly, Joe might lose his job and secondly, Joe might be the cause as to why the company may be denied an opportunity to renew the UWEAR contract. As much as Joe is supposed to satisfy the company first before satisfying Bill, he has to consider the future of his career (ADAIR, 2016). It is therefore that Joe be smart in the way he handles Bill so that he is not upset and he manages the other activities planned for the weekend.

Part II

It is important that Joe applies the six step model or rather the PLUS six model that is from the ethical decision making model of MUSE (KRIEGER, 2010). This theory is important to satisfy both the parties such that no one is upset. Alternatively Joe could make himself sick that day and everything will wait for new programs. The Plus Six Model is the best in such a scenario foe decision making (ADAIR, 2016)


1. BREST, P., & KRIEGER, L. H. (2010). Problem solving, decision making, and professional judgment: a guide for lawyers and policymakers.

2. KOURDI, J., & KOURDI, J. (2011). Effective decision making 10 steps to better decision making and problem solving. London, Marshall Cavendish Business.

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