Cultural Empowerment

CROSS CULTURAL HEALTH PRESPECTIVES: ROLE of Program Planners and Policy Makers in Health Promotion

For this assignment, read the background information and then learn about Diane Mathis’ experience with non-English-speaking patients.

Read the Intro and the Case Story. Then listen to the Lecture.

In a paper:

1. Compare and contrast the range of medical language interpretation and describe what is considered “best practice.”

2. Consider and describe at least two scenarios in situations in which patients are non-English speaking and qualified language interpretation is not provided. What are the key ethical principles to be considered? What are the implications for the patient in each alternative?

3. How would the scenario relate to your own health profession’s code of ethics? If you are not currently working in health care, you should use the code of ethics for the profession you plan to pursue upon graduation.

4. Compare and contrast the model of medical practice between the U.S. (Western scientific paradigm of medicine) and another country with a different culture.

5. Which healthcare model is better and why?

Assignment Expectations:

Length: 3 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list).

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