Critique Writing

For the research critique, you will be asked to consider: (a) title; (b) abstract; (c) literature review; methodology; conclusion. You should select a qualitative study based on the sub culture or youth subculture you wish to study. I encourage you to review articles carefully and try if you can to select ethnography or case study methodology. Keep in mind that you will be using this subculture for the remaining projects in the course.

Step 1: Read the article using the using the qualitative checklist provided

Step 2: Look at examples provided

Step 3: Write the critique. Use the following format:

Start with the citation:

Names of the authors

Title of article

Title of Journal, volume number, date, month and page number

Statement of the problem or author’s purpose

Next, cut and paste the article abstract

Now, write the critique. Your critique will reflect your evaluation and analysis of the three components of the article. You should reference your checklist ratings to highlight what you perceive to be strengths and weakness of the article. You do not need to write a sentence for every item on the checklist. Use the questions in the scoring guide below to help you craft your critique. You may include other information that you feel is pertinent.

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