Crisis Communication Plan

*TURNITIN will be used and submitted work will be checked for originality, any submitted work found to be plagiarized will be returned and a full refund will be requested*

3 Pages (minimum 750 words) not including the title and reference pages

Crisis communication plan outline. The plan can be for an organization of your choice. This is an outline for a crisis communication plan and not a crisis plan. Research sources to link your plan’s elements to theories and support your ideas. You must include a minimum of two sources, the resources need to be in APA format.

The plan outline should, at a minimum, include the following items:

· The introduction should engage the reader in the crisis communication plan and clearly present a summary of the main points.

· Explain the purpose, scope and goal of the plan.

· Include assumptions or assumed situations, which is a result of assessing risk for your organization.

· Define expected audiences—both internal and external.

· Include a communication strategy.

· Include a concept of operations for communications.

· Discuss the human dynamics and communications aspects of the blame game and the resolution stages you plan to implement in your crisis communication plan.

· Assign tasks to key leaders and staff.

· Provide resource management details.

· Include planned scripts, which can be placed in an appendix.

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