Criminal Justice

For this assignment, you will be asked to put yourself in the role of trainer for your police department. You have been asked to provide a PowerPoint presentation to new employees in which you discuss the role of police, police discretion, and ethics. Seeing that these employees are new to your department, you want to be sure to convey clear and concise information at the initial orientation for employment.

For this assignment, you will prepare a three-part PowerPoint presentation. The assignment requires a minimum of 10 slides, not including a title slide and reference slide. You must reference a minimum of one additional source in addition to the textbook.

Part I consists of a discussion about the role of police in society. The assignment requires the discussion of the role of police and the two major views of policing. Also in this section, be sure to discuss the goals that should be addressed through policing and the methods used to achieve these goals through police duties.

Part II consists of a discussion of police discretion, which is a major challenge that U.S. police face in today’s society. You will need to discuss what police discretion is, how police discretion is exercised, and why this discretion is exercised.

Part III consists of defining and describing ethics as they relate to policing.

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