Country Risk Mitigation Paper

Country Risk Mitigation Paper

 Based on your country risk analysis conducted during Week 3, prepare a 1,050- 1,500 paper in which you describe plausible mitigation’s for the specific risks you have previously identified in Week 3’s Country Risk Identification Paper:

1.  Cultural risks

2.  Exchange rate risk and repatriation of funds risks

3.  Ethical risks

4. Political risks

5. Legal/regulatory risks

     6. Proprietary Technical Information or Cyber Risks 

Instructor’s Advice:  This is  a great time to incorporate changes from any feedback given during previous week’s Team Papers.

LT Assignment Project Planning:  A LT Assignment Project Plan is required for all Learning Team papers.  Failure to turn in the Project Plan with the LT Paper will forfeit 10% of available points.

Manufacturing Company Quality Program Proposal Part I to III Presentation

Prepare a 12- to 15-minute oral presentation of Part I-III of the BJB Total Quality Management Program proposal your team developed.

Include 10-12 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides.

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Manufacturing Company Quality Management Initiative Proposal

Prepare a total quality management program for BJB Manufacturing Company by writing a 700-to 1,050-word paper in which you develop a quality management approach for BJB. Address the following:

  • Determine what needs the stakeholders may have for BJB’s products.
  • Analyze the product and needs of BJB, and then select the quality management approach that would be the best fit. Explain your rationale.
  • Describe the role of leadership in planning, developing, and implementing a quality process in BJB.

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