Corporate Society Responsibility

You are part of a newly formed staff working party on innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As first step, you must individually write a 700 word summary of the opportunities for CSR in an organization (Optus Organization) such as yours, based on evidence from 2-3 articles (see Additional requirements below), to share with the rest of the working party. More specifically, you must suggest a Sustainable Development Goal (or Goals) the organisation could target and justify your suggestion with reference to the different aspects of CSR and the benefits to the organization, as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Additional requirements:
• Base your summary on at least two of the following articles:
o Carroll & Shabana 2010
o Galbreath 2010
o Porter & Kramer 2006.
(Go to the Library MultiSearch function, enter ACBE100 and select Unit Readings in access all the readings for ACBE100 – make sure you login with your MQ OneID when prompted.)
• Include a brief introduction, two to three body paragraphs, a conclusion and a reference list.

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