Constructive Feedback on Presentation and Design

When designing facilities, there are many stakeholders that will be affected by the design of the facility. It is important to understand that each of the stakeholders will have a unique perspective of the facility based on their role.

Imagine you are a stakeholder who will use the facility that was presented by your selected learning team member (i.e., nurse, physician, and patient, family member of patient, or janitorial staff).

While you are reviewing this facility, you will need to consider how the stakeholder’s perspective you selected may be different from another stakeholder such as physician versus a patient. It is important to consider the stakeholder’s role and use of the facility such as who they interact with, functions they perform, and departments they interact with.

Review the voice-over presentation and the SmartDraw® design of the team member you have selected.

If you have questions regarding the presentation and design, contact the team member, using email or discussion area, to discuss the question with them. Keep detailed notes of the questions you asked your team member and their responses to include in your submission this week.

During your review, complete the tables provided.

Identify the stakeholder’s role you have selected to use during your review.
Table 1 will provide your team member with constructive feedback regarding the perspective of the stakeholder you selected to use as you review the facility.
Table 2 will organize your constructive feedback on the organization and mechanics of their presentation. The team member will review and utilize your feedback in their Week Six assignment.

Consider the following as you complete this assignment.

When providing feedback, make sure to inform your team member about why you are providing this type of feedback. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, the why is always important.
See the examples provided on the worksheet.
Several cells have been provided for your feedback, but please feel free to add more cells if necessary.
An area for notes has also been provided under the tables. Use this area to record questions you asked the team member or additional thoughts you have during your review.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment to your faculty for grading.

Email your completed worksheet to your learning team member so they can complete their Week Six assignment.

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