Communication Quiz

The quiz is about “Having communication presence in a Multicultural society and world” chapter 2 in The Communication Playbook by Teri Kwal Gamble and Michael W. Gamble ISBN 9781544337807. (20Questions)

1.What is the digital divide?

2.Please match the following terms with their corresponding definitions.




(short meaning, and I’ll match by myself)

3. Why do people “hunker down” according to our text? (Explain and provide an example)

4. Dose the melting pot philosophy work in today’s America? If so, how? If not, Why not?

5. Define and give an example for each of the following communication terms:





6. How is diversity reshaping the United States?

7. We know that intercultural communications is the process of interpreting and sharing meanings with individuals from different cultures. (Gamble and Gamble, 2019). Give 2 examples of intercultural moments and/or events from your own personal life.

8. Define culture in a communication context.

9. What is cultural confusion. Give an example.

10. Cultural imperialism is

11. Why is ethnocentrism dangerous? Include an example.

12. How does culltural relativism differ from ethnocentrism?

13. To become better at communicating with people who differ culturally from ourselves, we need to learn only about their cultures. (True or False)

14. Religious identity is at the root of countless contemporary conflicts.(True or False)

15. Demographers have identified 5 different generations. What are they?

16. What is the difference between masculine and feminine cultures?

17. How does high-power distance differ from low-power distanace? Include an example of each.

18. How does high-context differ from low-context. Include an example of each.

19. Polychronic and monochronic refers to time.(True or False)

20. What role do avitars play in our virtual communities?

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