Clinical Field Experience Verification Form.

This week we continue to evaluate and develop Instructional Activities and Assessments. Our Learning Objectives are:

  1. Evaluate a lesson plan for alignment between standards, learning objectives, and assessment. [ACEI 3.1; InTASC 4(a), 4(n), 7(a), 7(f), 7(g)]
  2. Evaluate a lesson plan for relevance and expected engagement level. [ACEI 3.1, 3.4; InTASC 1(g), 4(m), 4(g), 7(a), 8(c)]



Our last week includes one assignment AND your submission of your completed Clinical Field Experience Verification Form.

Evaluating Lesson Plans:

For this assignment, you will locate a lesson plan posted online that states that it is aligned to a national or state English Language Arts standard. Compose a 500-750-word evaluation of the lesson plan based on the following criteria:

  1. Thoroughness of the lesson plan components.
  2. Alignment between the standard, learning objectives, learning and teaching activities, and the assessment.
  3. Real-world relevance of the learning and teaching activities.
  4. Regarding evidence or artifacts of learning, how would the teacher know that the students have mastered the learning objectives?
  5. Regarding the expected engagement level, would the students find the activities interesting and engaging?
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