CheckPoint Modes of Travel

CheckPoint Modes of Travel

Choose three modes of travel. Explain the effects each mode of travel has on trip duration. Prepare a paper responding to the questions posed in this exercise using no less than 200 words. Your response should be structured as a formal report using APA format.

Your discussion should include each the following factors for each mode of travel:

  • Finances
  • Time (actual travel and total trip time)
  • Destination
  • Trip route
  • Personal preference
  • Current Events

Tips: Please ensure your post addresses all parts of the question. You may include other relevant material in your discussion. Remember to cite your sources you use, including our textbook, as required. Including citations gives your discussion more credibility and avoids plagiarism. References are required for this paper but you can only include references that you actually cite in your discussion. You should use headings in your paper. Structure your papers so that it includes an introduction, discussion sections, and a conclusion. You should submit your report to the WritePoint/Grammarly tool in The Writing Center and correct any errors prior to submitting your final paper. Remember to use the Title Page Template for this assignment. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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