Change Management Questionnaire

Resources: Organization Structure simulation and University Library

Begin the Organization Structure simulation. Become familiar with the various decision points in the simulation, and the effect that your choices had on the outcome.

Research the University Library, using peer-reviewed sources, regarding Lewin’s change management theory and at least two other theories of change management.

Locate at least two peer-reviewed sources for each of the three theories of change that you study. In addition, conduct research on the cross-cultural issues associated with change and change management.

Write a 1,250- to 1,750-word analysis of the issues involved in this simulation.

Include proper text citations and APA style references for all outside sources and address the following questions.

Address the following in the first half of your paper:

Describe at least three internal and external drivers of change for the organization in this simulation.
What factors does a leader in this organization need to weigh to implement a change strategy successfully?
What kinds of resistance might the leader expect to see? Identify and explain at least five types of resistance. What strategies might you employ to manage each of these areas of resistance?
How might leadership styles influence the effectiveness of the change management process? Utilize at least two sources.
What did you learn in this simulation with regard to change management? How might you apply this to changes in your organization?

Address the following in the second half of your paper:

The correct answers for this simulation, which are those that resulted in the most success, are based on assumptions developed largely in the United States. Based on the country in which you are living, how might these assumptions need to be adjusted? Assess the cross-cultural differences in change management.
Apply what you have discussed in the paper thus far to one of the issues you described in your week one assignment. In other words, given the various issues that may develop during the acquisition and merger process, how may you apply change management principles, given the potential cross-cultural issues as well, to ensure a success integration of the two companies?
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