Cerebrate Aviation Safety Training

You have learned how the human learns, the methods needed to ensure success in human performance, and to minimize human error.

Refer to this article located in the Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University’s Scholarly Commons, (in link) and the module readings and videos. Describe the meaning of fidelity, training transfer, and negative training transfer and do the following.

-With respect to flight simulators, examine fidelity and whether it changes over time or when learning progresses.

-Explore the instructor’s role and responsibilities in the training and simulation environment.

-Finally, employ some best practices to determine fidelity shortfalls for specific simulator tasks by individuals.

This is a blog using the Discussions Tool for your post and replies:

Start with an ‘eye-catching’ title, then create/write your blog post before selecting ‘Post Reply’.

After you create/write your blog, you are expected to engage in dialogue with at least one of your classmates. Your initial posts and responses to your classmates need to be thoughtful, thorough, and comprehensive. This means your initial post needs to be enough information to thoroughly explain your thoughts. Additionally, include properly formatted in-text citations and references to support your position.

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