Case Study Discussion and Summary

Select, as a team, a case from the Deresky text or a case from a recent journal article.

Discuss the following questions as a team. Each team member should post at least one answer to each of the questions in the Learning Team forum.

What are the key issues in the case?
What Internet technologies are relevant to this case? How do Internet technologies affect any of the following areas: supply chain management, customer relationships, banking and finance, and global alliances?
How could you use the Internet to expand global operations?
What other recommendations do you have to enhance cross-border business for this company?

Summarize your team’s discussion in 350 to 700 words. In your summary, identify your case from the textbook or journal. Cite your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

Post your team’s summary to the Main forum and have one team member post it into the Assignments tab for grading.

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