Behavior Modification

APA format and have 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point font,

and please write down about 5~6 long pages except title and citation paper.

I attached below that I planned before, and the rubric and direction for this assignment.

and this is my instructors’ comment for me.

” Your plan is a bit difficult to follow the way you have it written, be sure to always write in complete sentences.

For you plan, your behavior is well defined; drink an apple/Kale juice in the morning. Its not clear why you have lose weight in your plan.

Losing weight is a potential consequence of your behavior, but its not something you can complete control.

Simplify your plan to drink juice 5 days a a week, get your bonus pay from your boss. You also have alcohol in your plan as well; remove this to simplify your plan.”

Your sources don’t have to be directly related to your specific plan; you should use them to support your definition of behavior modification and any related psychological concepts.

My Own Behaviors That I’d Prefer to Increase Feeding Vegetables

1. Provide a clear operational definition of the behavior and describe the rationale for your definition.

· I’ll be increasing to eat vegetables like apple kales.

☞ Kale could be a common vegetable and a member of the cabbage family.

☞ It could be a veggie like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, coli, and national capital sprouts.

☞ Apples square measure an honest supply of fiber and ascorbic acid.

They additionally contain polyphenols, which can have varied health advantages.

· Preparing a pair of kale leaves Associate in Nursing an apple and so grind with 300ml water in each morning.

2. Describe how you will measure the behavior

· Having a glass of juice within the morning at 8:00 am

· Before work, for breakfast

· Proving as attaching my scheduler

· Checking did I keep the appointment drunk juice.

3. Create a plan to modify the behavior you have selected. Identify at least two ways of reinforcing (rewarding) the behavior and at least one punisher.

· About this punisher,

☞ If I break the rule that I couldn’t have juice and dish wash the mixer within the morning

· The penalty is $20 for North Korean expatriate Relief Fund

· The penalty is concerning wouldn’t dish wash I’ll work 2 additional hours in concert time.

· About this appreciated,

· Get $300 bucks.

· Get $50 bonus pay from my boss throughout every week.

4. Describe the schedule of reinforcement/punishment you will implement and explain why you chose the specific schedule. Be sure to state your reinforcement schedule: either continuous, fixed interval, or fixed ratio.

· Fixed interval

☞ Drinking the juice for dinner rather than breakfast throughout an additional five days [footnoteRef:1] [1: We will assume their square measure a lot of bucks, however, my boss and Maine accepted that it’s troublesome to stay going for 5 days.]

· If I keep drinking juice during a month for dinner

· Get $300 bucks bonus pay

· Fixed magnitude relation

☞ If I’m obtaining keep the arrange one week

· Get $50 bonus pay from my boss throughout every week.

5. Schedule of reinforcement: how often will you reinforce yourself? Every time you do a correct behavior, (continuous), every time you do a certain amount of behaviors, (partial) or after a specific amount of time of doing the correct behavior? Be sure to identify the correct reinforcement schedule.

· Continuous: It will be reinforcement depending on how long I can maintain or extend this assignment.

· Partial: There are some changes in the reinforcement

· To replace dinner with juice instead of breakfast.

· I’ll make changes, such as adding other fruits (ingredients).

6. How will you measure your behavior, i.e. how will you know when you are “on track” and how will you know when you reach your goal? Be sure that your behavior can be measured objectively in that it can be clearly observed and tracked.

· The most noticeable change will be weight loss.

SP19 PSYC signature assignment (rough draft)

The theory of operational acquisition is that a personality’s behavior is influenced by the prices that result from that action. it’s additionally the Yankee man of science Skinner (B.F. Skinner) United Nations agency has in-person incontestible and arranged these arguments. Skinner (B. Skinner) ascertained the mouse in a very box of many devices. The devices square measure equipped with a lever, dish, and electrical lights. The feed was to lean only if the rat ironed the lever. The rats within the box were forced to press the lever once accidentally pressing the lever, and therefore the variety of repetitions was exaggerated sooner than if the food failed to commence. He found that this was as a result of food served as a reinforcement to repeat the behavior.

So, Skinner argues that whether or not someone repeats Associate in Nursing action is set by the reinforcement that results from the action. within the theory of operational acquisition, behavior changes looking at the end result of past actions.

Operant conditioning could be a learning methodology that’s done through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through conditioning, people produce a link between specific actions and results (Skinner, 1938). Answers have equivalent consequences as process a word, touch a ball, or resolution a scientific discipline downside. Specific stimuli – once a response (S-R) pattern is stipendiary, the individual is adjusted to retort. Compared to previous sorts of policy, the characteristic of conditioning is that it will manufacture a response rather than eliciting a response thanks to external stimuli.

Skinner known 3 sorts of responses or parts that would follow the behavior.

· Neutral operator: Responses in Associate in Nursing surroundings that don’t increase or decrease the likelihood of continual actions.

· Reinforcements (Reinforces): Responses from environments that increase the chance of repetitive human behavior. Reinforcement will be positive or negative.

· Punishment: Response in Associate in Nursing surroundings that reduces the chance of repetitive behavior. social control weakens behavior.

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