Author’s Note

Purpose and Description
Good writers tend to think carefully and persistently about their writing. And what does this involve? Many things: they reflect on their composing processes; they learn and cultivate new techniques; they sharpen their use of language; they refine their style; they examine their mistakes; they make adjustments from one writing situation to the next. Simply put, they work diligently to develop their craft. “Author Notes” are designed to help you engage with this type of reflective practice. In particular, you should see them as an opportunity to 1) engage in a dialogue with your course instructor; 2) develop a conscientious approach to your writing processes; and 3) improve your writing and rhetorical techniques from one assignment to the next. You will also use these notes to compose the final exam essay for this course. What follows are some general guidelines for completing each assignment.

Getting Started and Brainstorming:
• Reflect on your experiences drafting Exercise 1 and Paper 1 and the strategies you relied on as a writer;
• Review the prompts and rubrics for E1 and P1;
• Review all of the feedback you received on E1 and your draft of P1, including peer review comments, completed rubrics, in-text comments from your instructor, etc.;
• Take note of any themes you see in the feedback you’ve received so far;
• Take note of any criteria from the E1 or P1 rubrics that you think you’ve done well on or struggled with.

Composing Your Author’s Note:
• Offer a holistic self-assessment (strengths/weaknesses) of your writing process for Paper 1;
• Identify at least 1 specific area where you think your writing improved between Exercise 1 and Paper 1;
• Identify at least 1 specific area where you can continue to improve your writing in Project 2;
• Articulate a specific plan or set of strategies you can use in the coming weeks to continue to make improvements in your research and writing and effectively take ownership of your learning and progress as an academic writer;

Specific Requirements
Your Author’s Note Should:
• Be approximately 1-1.5 pages in length (single-spaced, MLA document formatting);
• Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by class time on Tuesday 2/26.

Assessment Guidelines
Author’s Notes (and eventually the Final Reflective Essay) will be assessed based on:
• The level of detail and specificity in your assessment of your work/progress;
• The overall depth of the reflective thought (as described in the hierarchy discussed in class and available on Canvas).

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