Australopithecines and Genus Homo Comparison

Chronology and key characteristics for key Australopithecines & genus Homo

Compare & Contrast

Arboreal hypothesis v. visual predation

adducted & abducted toes

pros & cons of bipedalism

multiregional hypothesis v. Out of Africa/Eve hypothesis

What is the law of competitive exclusion and what role did it play in early human evolution?

What is the importance of the use of fire? Consider the advantages of this cultural innovation and how it affected other areas.

“Cognitive capacity” is learned and not carried by genes. What does this mean in regard to the spread of culture?

Given the evidence, how would you classify the Neandertals? Support your response with specific criteria.

Describe the connection between tool-making AND brain development (language).

Why does contexthave such an important role in understanding the past? (Archaeology)

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