Assignment: Leading Innovation in Nursing

2 pages, double spacing, APA format. At least 2 references. Absolutely plagiarism free.

Propose a future development that affects value-based healthcare and address the following.

· What would you create, and why? What problem does this innovation solve?

· How does this innovation impact value-based healthcare?

· How will it enhance your leadership capacity?

· As a leader, explain one barrier you may have in implementing the innovation and how you could use the 5-Stage Innovation-Decision Process to overcome that barrier.


Chism, L. A. (2019). The Doctor of Nursing Practice: A guidebook for role development and professional issues (4 th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

· Chapter 12: Shaping Your Brand: Marketing Yourself as a DNP Graduate

o Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory, p. 304!/4/2%5Bch12%5D/2%5Bvst-image-button-215147%5D/2%400:43.4

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