Assignment: Divorce- Short and Long Term Effects on Children in Different Age Groups


I am studying – Divorce (general topic) because I want to find out what the short and long-term effects are of divorce on children in different age groups (focus) in order to understand the positive and negative effects (significance).


1 page.

Summary of the whole paper, preview the research question, significance, essential findings, summarize discussion, and limitations, and future applications and research.


1 page.

Must have: topic clearly identified, description, background, significance, justification and research questions: 1) What are the short term effects of divorce on children? 2) What are the long-term effects of divorce on children?

Literature review-

6 pages.

What patterns do you see?  What issues are reflected in previous research?  Explain your thesis in detail.  What does the literature tell us about the questions you were trying to answer?


1 page.

Must: Evaluate and interpret the implications of your finding, address original thesis and research questions


1 page.

Must summarize (comment on the importance of your findings) then

Discuss: Limitations (label this in bold), future research (label this in bold), and practical applications (label this in bold)

Then do a final wrap-up

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