Assignment: Critique Research

Rubric for Research Critique Paper

write a critique of a full-text research article. the article can be either a qualitative or a quantitative research article of interest, published by a reliable publishing company and peerreviewed article.

meet the following criteria:

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1. Original research studies, preferably published from 2016 to the present.

2. Include at least 3 cited resources to substantiate the findings of your critique.

3. A total of 5 pages; APA format

4. Observe the guidelines as suggested in the QEP College-wide Initiatives6.

The content should include:

Title page

Describe the problem and purpose of the study as well as significance of the study (like a Summary).

Describe the research methods, including the process of data collection, sampling, and data analysis, for the research study.

Who were the subjects and or the participants?

What sampling approach was undertaken and why? How sample size was used for the variables(s). What instrument(s) was used?.

How reliability and validity were established.

Summarize the major findings and conclusions of the study. How this study is relevant to evidence-based practice in nursing.

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