Art History Painting Analysis and Presentation

One analysis paper and related presentation

The object painting is “The Agony in the Garden” by Giovanni Bellini. ( Note:**There are many paintings that has the same name, only this one is the subject of my paper.

The length should be 7-12 pages in MLA format.

First of all, do not copy and paste from the internet, paraphrase it! Since it’s not a research paper!!!

1. Describe the painting, inch and figure.

2.The provenance of the painting( Date and who had it before)

3. The condition of the painting( is it original? Has it been repainted or cut?)

4. Section on the subject of the painting( his is the painting painted, the medium, and the style of the artist and his other works)

5. What scholars have said about this painting

6. Conclusion( what do you think about this painting and why you chose it)

Start out by not believing any labels or claims about your work. Think of it as just an object placed before you and you are to figure out what it might be and give it your best judgment. So — describe the object, write out its provenance, then its iconography then its condition. Now you are ready to discuss its style, then what others have said about it, then, finally, your conclusions.

Re: Provenance: By the way, if your object was ever in a dealer’s hands, you should name the dealer (dealers are notorious for “fixing up” paintings to make them more saleable, so some dealers are reputable, others are not) if you can.

Presentation (in PPT format)

Similar to the format of the paper, but needs pictures and related works of the artist (Giovanni Bellini)

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