Application of role theory to a case study

To prepare:

Review and focus on the same case study that you used in Week 2.

Review the websites and guides for developing PowerPoint skills found in the Learning Resources

Submit a narrated PowerPoint presentation that includes 11 to 12 slides.

Each slide should be written using bullet points, meaning no long paragraphs of written text should be in the slides.

Include a brief narration of less than 30 seconds for each slide (i.e., the narration takes the place of any written paragraphs, while the bullet points provide context and cues for the audience to follow along).

Your presentation should address the following:

Identify the presenting problem for the case study you selected. (Remember the presenting problem has to be framed from the perspective of role theory. For example, the presenting problem can be framed within the context of role functioning).

Identify all the relevant roles assumed by the client.

Analyze the social expectations and social and cultural norms revolving around the role, social position, and role scripts of one of the roles assumed by the client.

Explain the role and social position of the social worker in working with the client in the case study.

Describe how the role(s) and social position(s) assumed by the social worker will influence the relationship between the social worker and the client.

Identify three assessment questions that are guided by role theory that you will ask the client to better understand the problem.

Identify and describe two interventions that are aligned with the presenting problem and role theory.

Identify one outcome that you would measure if you were to evaluate one of the interventions you would implement to determine if the intervention is effective.

Evaluate one advantage and one limitation in using role theory in understanding the case.

Be sure to:

Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.

Use literature to support your claims.

Use APA formatting and style.

Include the reference list on the last slide.

******SOCW 6301 WK 4 Assignment- Introduction to Reasearch Propsals

Just because you thought of an interesting research question and have a desire to conduct research does not mean that your research will automatically be supported by faculty or funded by an organization.

In order to gain stakeholder approval, you must submit a research proposal. Much like an outline of a paper or a treatment of a movie script, the research proposal contains several parts that begin with a research question and end with a literature review.

For this Assignment, you compile a research proposal that includes a research problem, research question, and a literature review.

For this Assignment, choose between the case studies entitled “Social Work Research: Couple Counseling” and “Social Work Research: Using Multiple Assessments.” Consider how you might select among the issues presented to formulate a research proposal.

Be sure to consult the outline in Chapter 14 the Yegidis et al. text for content suggestions for the sections of a research proposal. As you review existing research studies, notice how the authors identify a problem, focus the research question, and summarize relevant literature. These can provide you with a model for your research proposal.

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