Application Marketing Campaign

Imagine that you are the marketing team for a new mobile application that will capture instant feedback from the guests at your service establishment.

Create a campaign (for example: flier, webpage, pamphlet) that will discuss why an establishment will want to utilize your application. Be sure to discuss the following:

How will you communicate your app to potential customers?
How will you market your app to potential customers?
Why should the service establishment utilize your app to help address their technological needs?
How will you, the marketing team, be able to process and interpret the data that you gather from customers and provide it to the service establishment?

Use at least 2 academic references that guided you in this creation. References can be handed in separately from the campaign and need not be included in the brochure, webpage etc. *Please note: the rubric refers to ‘the paper’, this should be replaced with ‘the marketing piece’.

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