Annotated bibliography for health care problems

Create a 4-6 page annotated bibliography and summary based on your research related to best practices addressing a current health care problem or issue

For this assessment, you will research best practices related to a current health care problem. To explore your chosen topic, you should use the first two steps of the Socratic Problem-Solving Approach as described on Campus to aid your critical thinking.

The Socratic Method is a teaching style in which teachers ask students questions designed to stimulate more complete thinking and deeper insight. It also relates to the steps of performing scientific research. When the Socratic approach is applied, students are prompted to look more closely at your ideas, question your assumptions and accepted premises, and view your choices through a rigorous lens.


A medication error is a preventable adverse effect of a patient taking the wrong medication or dosage, whether or not it is evident or harmful to the patient. Medication errors can be a source of serious patient harm, including death.

Potential Intervention Approaches:

– Medical staff education

– Packaging improvements

– Patient medication safety training

View the Assessment Topic and Write a brief overview of the selected topic. In your overview:

Describe the health care problem or issue.

Describe your interest in the topic.

Describe any professional experience you have with this topic.

Conduct a search for scholarly or academic peer-reviewed literature related to the topic and describe the criteria you used to search for articles, including the names of the databases you used.

You will want to access the applicable Undergraduate Library Research Guide related to your degree (found at the NHS Learner Success Lab) for tips to help you in your search.

Use keywords related to the health care problem or issue you are researching to select relevant articles.

Assess the credibility of the information sources you find.

Determine if the source is from an academic peer-reviewed journal.

Determine if the publication is current.

Determine if information in the academic peer-reviewed journal article is still relevant.

Select four current scholarly or academic peer-reviewed journal articles published during the past three to five years that relate to your topic.

Explain the relevance of the information sources.

Describe how the health care problem or issue is addressed in each source.

Discuss what kind of contribution each source provides on your selected topic.

Analyze the scholarly literature or academic peer-reviewed journal articles using the annotated bibliography organizational format.

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to document a list of references along with key information about each one. The detail about the reference is the annotation. Developing this annotated bibliography will create a foundation of knowledge about the selected topic.

List the full reference for the source in APA format (author, date, title, publisher, et cetera) and use APA format for the annotated bibliography.

Make sure the references are listed in alphabetical order, are double-spaced, and use hanging indents.

Follow the reference with the annotation.

In your annotation:

Identify the purpose of the article.

Summarize the source:

What are the main arguments?

What topics are covered?

Include the conclusions and findings of the article.

Write your annotation in a paragraph form. The annotation should be approximately 150 words (1 to 3 paragraphs) in length.

In a separate paragraph or two at the end of the paper, summarize what you learned from your research.

List the main points you learned about.

Summarize the main contributions of the sources you chose and how they enhanced your knowledge about the topic.

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