Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article Assignment

1. Using our priceless access to Galileo through the UNG Libraries link, find an article that relates to either A) the health of the military family (spouse and/or children) after deployment or B) the health of the female service member after deployment. Print this article out to include in your packet. Check Ulrich’sto make sure that this article is peer reviewed.

2. Next, retype the abstract from this article or highlight it in yellow on the articleitself.

3. List three sourcesfrom the Works Cited/References list at the end of the article that might be worth investigating.

4. Write a two-page essay in MLA formthat clearly details the challenges presented in this article that we have not yet touched on in class or have discussed very little.

5. How does this scholarly article enhance your understanding of military service in general? How might this article affect your future interactions with military personnel?

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