Analyze the current health care problems

For this assignment, you will analyze the current health care problem or issue of interest to you (MEDICAL ERRORS THAT HAPPEN BETWEEN PROVIDERS AND PATIENTS, PHARMACISTS, AND PATIENTS ALONE (PATIENT MISUNDERSTANDING)).

To explore the chosen topic you should use the first four topics of the Socratic Problem-Solving Approach Media for critical thinking These are also linked in the resources of this unit. Start by defining the health care problem or issue on the health care topic of your choice, then provide details about the problems or issues that are part of the chosen topic, and identify causes for the problems or issues. Identify at least three scholarly or academic peer-reviewed journal articles about the topic you are discussing.

Use scholarly information to explain the health care problem or issue you chose.

Assess the credibility of information sources.

Assess the relevance of the information sources.

Analyze the problem or issue.

Describe the setting or context for the problems or issues.

Describe the reasons that make the problems or issues important to you.

Identify groups of people affected by the problems or issues.

Discuss potential solutions for the problems or issues.

Describe potential solutions

Provide the pros and cons for one of the solutions you are proposing.

Analyze the ethical implications if the potential solution was implemented.

Describe what would be necessary to implement the proposed solution.

Provide examples from the literature to support the points you are making.

Discuss the pros and cons of implementing the proposed solution from an ethical principle point of view.

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