Analytical writing

Task Description:
Students should prepare a research report of 2500 words (10% tolerance) on one of the questions listed below. Students have the option of selecting their own question.
1. In 2016, a dispute emreged between Carlton & United Breweries and various maintenance unions at the Abbotsford brewery in Victoria. What were the issues that gave rise to this dispute. How did this dispute differ from traditional industrial disputes in Australia.
2. In many countries an aging workforce, changing industrial structures and demands for equity in employment have led to a need to increase the participation of women with family responsibilities in the workforce. Paid parental leave and the provision and cost of childcare emerge as the major issues. Choose a country and write a report to the appropriate Minister or Government official on measures the government could take to improve the participation of women in the workforce. Your report should be based on academic literature, labour market data and government, industry and union reports. You should include recommendations in your report.
3. In the introduction to a special issue of the journal Human Relations on labour relations in China, the authors argue that China has taken an ‘experimental and decentralised’ approach to labour relations. Write a report outlining the main features of China’s employment relations system and, using the academic literature, outline three key issues that are under discussion in the literature. Your report should conclude with some recommendations suggesting the way forward for China’s system.
4. The Queensland Government has recently introduced legsialtion to regulate Labour Hire in Queensland. This legilsation was based on an issues paper earlier released by the Minister for Industrial Relations. What are the central issues associated with Labour Hire for employees, employers and their representatives.
5. The Queensland Government introduced legislation to amend the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. How does this legislation differ from legsilation in other Australian jurisidctions and what are the implications for employers and employees.

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