Analysis and Recommendations of Advanced Practice Nursing Issues

The purpose of this 5-6 page paper is to identify a critical issue that relates to population health and the role of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). Some examples may include improving patient access to Medicare Hospice services, removing barriers to nurse practitioners’ ability to practice, enabling APRNs to participate fully as members of hospital and medical staff. Additional examples are included on the American Association of Nurse Practitioners website.

Other sources for topic identification may include the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association and/or your local/state chapter of the AANP.

Submission Parameters:

Please use the following as a guide for drafting your 5-6 page paper.

Introduction (including purpose statement)

Contextual analysis of the issue

Provide a brief summary of the historical development of the issue

Provide a brief summary on the socio-political influences

Literature Review and Analysis on the selected issue

Identify at least 2 primary sources that examines the impact of the selected issue


Provide some recommendations to solve the issue

Determine how the recommendations may impact the APRN role/setting and practice dimensions


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