A report on “Getting What We Need with North Korea”

compile a report on “Getting What We Need with North Korea” by Leon V. Sigal. In the report, you are to summarize the article’s main points and how the author(s) reached their conclusions. Then, you are to do your own research using credible sources (i.e.-NOT Wikipedia, blogs, obviously liberal or conservative-biased sources with an ideological agenda, etc.) to talk about current issues mentioned in your chosen article and what direction you think the international community will/should take regarding the issue(s) discussed in the article and why.


-2.5 Double-Spaced pages, 1″ margins, Times New Roman, size 12

– MLA or APA with 4 credible, academic sources

– Reference page in the end.

Article: https://www.armscontrol.org/ACT/2016_04/Features/Getting-What-We-Need-With-North-Korea

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